Construction of religious cultural center in Ljubljana

currently under construction
Client Islamic Community in Slovenia
Location Ljubljana, Slovenija
Scope Of Work construction
Schedule 2015-2016
Architect Bevk Perović arhitekti

Project Detail

On the 17th of April 2015 the representative of the Islamic Community in Slovenia, Mufti Dr. Nedžad Grabus and general manager of Gorenje projekt, Mr. Uroš Razdevšek, signed a contract for building an Islamic cultural center in Ljubljana.

On the basis of the call made and organized in 2014 by the Islamic Community in Slovenia, we were selected for the main contractor of construction and craft works. Construction work is already underway, on the 6th of May 2015, the Mayor of Ljubljana and Mufti Grabus symbolicly uplifted first concrete into the foundation slab of the mosque in Ljubljana.

Status on 31st of January 2016:

Execution of concrete structures of buildings is in the final stage. We finished approx. 90% of the concrete part. The concrete construction of a mosque, educational and administrative building is completed.

At the moment there is approx. 11.000 m³ of gray concrete, approx. 2.500 m³ of white concrete and approx. 1,800 tonnes of reinforcing iron built in the facilities.

In addition to the concrete works electrical installations, mechanical installations, mounting of the steel anchors for the steel construction of a mosque are beeing carried out. This is followed by the execution of the roof at the educational facility. Much time is devoted to solving coordination and detail of the glass facade of a mosque, roofs, skylights, cupolas fibergals, technology, installation of steel structures, facade and minaret.

Currently, steel construction elements for mosque is beeing manufactured, expected start of assembly on site is in mid-February. The steel frame is the most difficult element to the property. It is a very demanding welded steel construction, unique in Slovenia and abroad.

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