Material Handeling system for bins on the airport in Bangkok

Client Jay Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Scope Of Work Design, manufacture and commissioning
Schedule 2017 - 2018

Project Detail

For our partner we have designed, produced and commissioned the Material Handeling system for bins on the airport in Bangkok.

Load unit of ASRS system

The load units are pallet cages with the following external dimensions:

  • Width: 1160 mm,
  • Depth: 1360 mm,
  • Height: 1200 mm.

The maximum allowed load including weight of bin is 1000kg.

Capacity of ASRS System

Warehouse has 1072 BIN locations. It is single ASRS Block. ASRS block has single aisle, and has two double depth Stacker Cranes. Rack construction has 9 levels and 30 horizontal locations.

Two stacker cranes are operating within the same aisle. As a consequence, there are the following limitations in their movements:

  • Crane 1 can operate between rows 1 and 23
  • Crane 2 can operate between rows 8 to 30


Each aisle will is equipped with two inbound and outbound conveyor lanes. Outbound conveyor lane will be able to hold three pallets and equipped with the led display, mounted on the Station. The LED display will be used to show the status of the lane and information on first BIN waiting to be picked up from the lane.

Stacker crane

There are 2 stacker crane are running in a one closed aisle.

The cycle time calculation was performed based on a case where each crane is using half of the aisle and the input and output in performed on the same conveyor group. In this case the crane can reach 30.5 double cycles per hour.