Client ALS Logistic Solutions LLC
Location Oman Muscat, UAE
Scope Of Work Delivery
Schedule 2015 - 2018

Project Detail

For new Muscat airport (MCT) we delivered two elevating transfer vehicles (ETV), designed to store air cargo. Largest load a crane can lift is 6,1m (20ft.) long container, with maximum weight of 14.000 kg. Cranes operate in common corridor, 144 m in length. Cranes are driving on single rail, type MRS87A. Upper guidance is with IPE profile. Every crane can reach 3 levels high. Height of single crane is 10,98 m., driving speed is 120m/min (2m/s), hoisting speed is 30m/min (0,5 m/s).

Specialty: Crane has two drive units, which means it can drive even in case of failure of one of both units. Crane has 4 hoisting units, two on every side (column), which means it can lift even in case of failure of one hoisting unit on each side.

Technical data:
Height: 10,98 m
Load capacity: 14.000 kg
Driving speed: 120 m/min (2 m/s)
Hoisting speed: 30 m/min (0,5 m/s)