Sewerage system and infrastructure

Client Municipality of Laško
Location Laško, Slovenija
Scope Of Work Sewage and infrastructure
Schedule 2015

Project Detail

Sewerage system

The sanitary sewerage system has two separate terminals connected to the existing left bank sewerage collector and indirectly to Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Modrič, so that the waste water from households in the area of Pod Gradom in Laško was connected directly to it and the septic tanks were no longer required.

The sewerage system is fully implemented in plastic pipes with nominal diameter DN200mm with peripheral rigidity SN8 and PE inspection chambers DN800 with cast iron or plastic covers. The gullies are fully gravitational with gradient drop from 1% to 58%.


Infrastructure arrangements at the location Pod Gradom at the section Leljak, Brulc – retaining structural wall

In accordance with the municipal plan for design of roads and update of infrastructure network in the municipality of Laško, the local road in the village Pod Gradom was renovated on the section Leljak – Brulc in the lenght of app. 177 m. The road is located north from the centre of Laško at the foot of the slope of the hill Hum. The road is mostly carried out in the cuttings into the slope and is gradually ascending towards north. The average slope inclination is from 30 to 50 degrees with incidence towards the west. The area below and above the road is built-up. The settlement is urban.

The section of the road was fully degraded, the bottom edge of the road was unstable.

Within the road maintenance, a retaining structural wall was also constructed, the existing LV network with public lighting was arranged and the gas pipeline was relocated.


Gravity stone retaining wall

In order to regulate and extend the road surface, a gravity stone retaining wall was constructed (stone in concrete). Gravity stone retaining wall is made from rocks with a diameter of 40-80 cm (frost resistant) and concrete C20/25 in a ratio of 70:30. The length of gravity stone retaining wall is 70 m. The internal height of the wall is from 1.44 m to 5.76 m, and there is an AB crown constructed on the top of the wall. Barbicans in the wall are constructed in order to drain surface water.

The wall has drainage leading to the sewerage system.


AB Wall

AB wall was constructed under the road in order to regulate and expand the road. AB retaining structural wall is adjusted to the outline of the road. The length of the wall is 44 m above and 15.70 m below, with a thickness of 0.3 m and the maximum height of 2.15 m. The crown of the wall contains an integrated safety fence made of steel with handrail for pedestrians and pillars of public lighting throughout the length of the wall.


LV EE network

The existing low-voltage electrical land cable and surface low-voltage network in the area of construction were renovated as appropriate.


Adjustment of the gas pipeline

We relocated the low pressure gas pipeline from the construction site of the gravity wall on the road of Pod Gradom in Laško.