Waste treatment facility of Mala Mežakla

Client Ekogor, d.o.o.
Location Jesenice, Slovenia
Scope Of Work Construction
Schedule 2012-2014

Project Detail

In 2012, we started with the construction of the waste treatment facility – waste- sorting plant Mala Mežakla.

The facility serves for mechanical sorting of non-hazardous mixed municipal waste. The processing results are varietal pure fractions of waste, suitable for processing in the market and disposal in landfill for non-hazardous waste.

The dimensions of the facility are as follows:

  • 60.20 m x 24.40 m
  • height in the eaves +8.95 m
  • height in the ridge +12.23 m


  •  AB foundations, an AB floor plate in the thickness of 20 cm is constructed between the foundations.
  • Supporting framework up to the marked dimension +4.00 m, is an AB wall of thickness of 30 cm, which is extended into AB pillars in the area of steel pillars.
  • From the marked dimension +4.00 m upwards, a load-bearing steel construction is installed and extended into a roof steel structure through the pillars, the total width of the facility is 24.40 m.
  • Roofing and façade is treated with fire resistant panels.
  • Landscaping is done in asphalt surfaces and enables lorry transport.

The facility was successfully completed in the beginning of the year 2014.