Wastewater treatment plant Vrhnika

Client Občina Vrhnika
Location Vrhnika, Slovenija
Scope Of Work design, construction
Schedule 2013-2015

Project Detail

As part of the project “Collection and treatment of waste water in River Ljubljanica – construction of treatment plant in Občina Vrhnika” we have built a sequential biological treatment plant with aerobic sludge stabilization, biological treatment of phosphorus and additional chemical purification of phosphorus.

Trial operation was conducted from October 2014 until June 2015, when there have been successfully carried out the measurements that correspond to limits prescribed by law for tertiary treatment.
The capacity of the treatment plant is 15.500 PE, with the dry flow 329 m3/h (6.000 m3/day) and rain flow 600 m3/h.
It is divided in two segments:
  1. water is mechanically purified (larger particles, grease, sand)
  2. biological treatment – four sequential biological reactors (the removed nitrogen compounds and phosphorus)

Part of the treatment plant is septic station that receives sludge from small wastewater treatment plants.