Concern for the environment which we leave to the descendents had significant influence over the last years. We started dealing with energy much more economically. Power plants which produce electrical energy from renewable energy sources have flourished, at the same time because of fear from dangerous influences on environment power plants based on nuclear fission started to withdraw. Flourishing of photovoltaic and wind power plants brought with it a plethora of problems at operation of electrical networks. Production of electrical energy in these electrical plants does not follow the consumption of electrical energy, while the technology for successful storage of electrical energy is still developing.

We expect that in two or three decades nuclear plants based on fusion of atomic nuclei will produce the bulk of electrical energy. At that time, probably, the technology which will use sun and wind to produce electrical energy will also be mature. In the mean time, electrical plants which produce electrical energy from renewable and sustainable sources at which the electrical power only slowly changes with time and thus does not cause problems to electrical grid, will play significant role. These kind of plants are hydro power plants and combined heat and power plants based on biomass and sustainable fuels.

At GP sistemi we tried to find the answers to the above mentioned challenges. Therefore we offer execution of micro and small hydroelectric power plants and combined heat and power plants based on bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology. The latter enables combustion of wood chips, waste wood, biogenic residue and combustion of sustainable fuels such as sewage sludge, industrial sludge and rdf.

We offer execution of hydro power plants and combined heat and power plants in a turnkey way, which includes:

  • proposal of technical solution
  • asistance with obtaining project funding
  • project management
  • design
  • delivery and installation of equipment
  • assembly
  • electrification and automation
  • commissioning
  • training of operators
  • maintenance of equipment after handover to the client

In the field of Energy efficiency Gorenje projekt offers reconstruction of private, public and business buildings. Reconstruction includes additional thermal insulation of building and installation of new heating device based on renewable energy source.

Small hydroelectric power plants

At GP sistemi we produced the following projects in the field of small hydroelectric power plants over the last years:

  • small hydroelectric power plant Markovci.
  • small hydroelectric power plant Grmov vrh.

Together with the company Iskra Impuls which has rich experience in the field of designing, production and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment for large and small hydroelectric power plants and for irrigation systems, we can also offer execution of parts of hydroelectric power plants of greater power.

Combined heat and power plants based on bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology

At Gorenje projekt we offer steam boilers and combined heat and power plants with thermal power between 10 MW and 25 MW. Offered devices are based on bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology.

Grate combustion technology is the most frequently used technology for combustion of solid fuels. The fuel enters the grate at one end of the furnace and then travels along the grate. It is first dried, then is burned, and the ash exists from the combustion chamber at the other end of the grate.

The alternative with numerous advantages is the technology of bubbling fluidized bed which has a eddy layer of sand installed instead of the inclined grid. It is a sort of jacuzzi where hot sand, into which hot air enters from the bottom side, takes place instead of water. When fuel slowly breasts into this heated sand bath it immediately dries and starts to burn regardless of humidity.

Due to vacuum produced by fan in front of chimney half burnt fuel rises and travels at that through the area above the fluidized bed, in which there are numerous openings for inlet of fresh air with relatively high content of oxygen and recycled flue gases which almost do not contain oxygen. With detailed regulation of quantities of both types of gas the control system exactly regulates the temperature of combustion and by that achieves very high boiler efficiency, very low emissions of toxic matters in flue gases and a very low content of residual fuel in the ash.

Flue gases travel from the furnace through the steam boiler where they transfer the heat to water vapor and before entry to chimney also through bag filter which removes the majority of dust particles from them. Superheated steam which took over heat from flue gases travels into steam turbine with electrical generator, and then to heat consumer where it transfers heat to water and therefore liquefies.

Gorenje projekt produced a high pressure steam boiler with power of 10 MW on woodchips in the year 2014 for the company Melamin, d.d. from Kočevje. The project received the following awards:

You can view the short presentation of project here.

Reconstruction of residential, public and commercial buildings

Together with partner company GGE, d.o.o. we offer all phases of reconstruction of existing buildings, namely:

  • proposal of technical solution for execution of reconstruction
  • execution of works

We also offer financing of execution of work. It enables the users to ensure the investment into energy renewal partly or fully from savings from energy expenses.

We can offer additional thermal insulation of buildings and installation of new heating devices based on renewable energy source.