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We analyze and optimize logistic routes and warehousing in companies.

In the year 2000 the Gorenje team started analyzing its material currents in the company and, by the help of experts of other companies with knowledge and rich experiences in the filed of internal logistics, it formulated the most appropriate solution for its own automatized high-bay warehouse. After the realization of its own warehouse the team of Gorenje engineers continued with its work and since then it executed numerous projects in different fields: pharmaceutical, chemical, production of furniture, making of facade systems, walls and roofs, and also retail goods. All our solutions are innovative and made tailored to our customers. Most of technological equipment for warehouses is made in factories of Gorenje, with more than 35-year experiences in production of industrial devices and their installation. We order the bay construction at some well known and established producers.

In the year 2010 we organized ourselves in the company Gorenje projekt. Our system for managing NAS® warehouses represents information system for internal logistic managing. It combines WMS, MES and MFC systems functionalities, which enables inner managing of flux of material and optimization. It provides complete control over the state of supplies and a complete traceability of material flux.


We are active in the field of acquiring energy from renewable sources, mostly from wooden biomass, water resources and organic matters.

In the company Gorenje projekt we produce steam boilers and combined heat and power plants. We offer »turnkey« solutions, which include:

  • proposal of technical solution
  • design
  • delivery of equipment, assembly, automation, commissioning and connection to electrical grid and hot-water/steam network

We can also offer acquiring of permits and assistance with obtaining project funding.

Selection of technical solution depends on quantity and form of heat required by customer and on desired electrical power of device.


We provide the most comprehensive services in the context of construction engineering on the market.

Construction engineering in our company is organized – divided into 2 parts:

  • building construction: commercial and industrial facilities, public and residential buildings,
  • civil engineering: construction of water supply and sewage disposal infrastructure.

All buildings and facilities are delivered in accordance with time schedule, in agreed quality and price. 


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Full name: GP SISTEMI, INŽENIRING, d.o.o.
Short name: GP sistemi, d.o.o.
Address: Prešernova cesta 8, 3320 Velenje, Slovenija
In Ljubljana: Pod hribom 55, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
In Russia: Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya 14, 129110 Moscow, Russia
Registration nr.: 3280047
VAT nr.: 59287454
ID for DDV: SI59287454
Organizational form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Bank Accounts: SI56 0292 2025 6998 682 (NLB d.d.), SI56 0700 0000 1417 648 (Gorenjska banka d.d. Kranj), SI56 3300 0000 8518 143 (Addiko Bank d.d.)


The company combines its own knowledge of project engineering and development to their areas of operation, production equipment programs of Gorenje d.d. and implementing engineering support of Gorenje Group.

The company must be flexible with a lean organizational structure and the possibility of rapid organizational change in order to adapt to the maximum requirements of our customers and business partners.

Our goal is to become the leading company in the field of implementation of engineering on the Slovenian market, looking for opportunities in the markets of SE Europe and other markets.

Professionaly cover the scope of implementing engineering for all the areas in which it operates:

Strategic alliances with key partners.

Knowing partners for individual elements of the project.

Project management and coordination of partners.

Business Engineering (attracting business with knowledge, quality and business connections).

Financial engineering of the transaction (execution of transactions which involve greater financial resources necessary insurance, and to a certain extent, project financing).

Legal engineering execution of the transaction (the management of public tenders and other legal relations).


100 % ISKRA IMPULS, proizvodnja merilno-procesne opreme Kranj, d.o.o., Zasavska cesta 43 g, 4000 KRANJ


The main activity of the company Gorenje project is the implementation of engineering projects in the fields of logistics, energetics and construction. The company operates on the principle of the following lines:

  • All employees are actively involved in this policy implementation. This policy is the basis for continuous improvement in the setting of targets in all key areas, including quality and environment.
  • Satisfaction of investors, customers and other interested public is our primary consideration. With high-quality and concern for the environment in the execution of our projects, we obtain their trust.
  • We strive for long-term business success in domestic and foreign markets, the good reputation and brand awareness.
  • All employees constantly update their basic professional and other business knowledge and experience. In addition to updating the knowledge we provide employees with social security and so increases their loyalty to the company.
  • We are actively seeking commercially interesting projects so that we recognize the needs of potential customers and we quickly adjust to them.
  • Our focus is the continuous reduction of environmental pollution with an emphasis on preventive action. This means finding innovative, quality, aesthetic and environmental and energy efficient solutions from planning to project implementation.
  • Concern for the environment is also expressed through the promotion of renewable energy sources. We offer plants for co-generation of electricity and heat by combustion or gasification of various types of biomass, and all are based on Slovenian knowledge. In Slovenia, we also provide jobs for the collection of raw materials.
  • We regularly monitor and comply with the legal requirements, technical standards and other possible additional requirements and good practices related to the implementation of our services.
  • In implementing the project it is important to balance the relationship between quality, environment, costs and deadlines of performance.
  • We are building a correct, fair and environmentally responsible relationships with subcontractors and suppliers.
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    APS, d.o.o.

    Gorenje GAIO, d.o.o.

    ITS RB, d.o.o.

    ISKRA IMPULS, d.o.o.