It is a multi-dwelling building built in 2018, with a block building design, modelled on the examples from the immediate vicinity. As many as 195 apartments and 6 restaurants or bars have been built in accordance with the provisions of the Detailed Municipal Spatial Plan (OPPN). The building has ground floor dimensions of 59.45 m x 108.75 m, with three basement levels, the ground floor, three upper storeys and two terrace levels. A typical storey has dimensions of 62.75 m x 108.75 m up to max. 112.20 m.

In the courtyard, there is a common atrium, arranged as a green area with trees and two children’s playgrounds. Along Frankopanska Street, an avenue is laid out along the P1 zoning unit. The three basements contain technical facility and storage rooms as well as 509 parking spaces. The entrances to the building are oriented to the peripheral streets. The ground floor is constructed on two levels, with the ground-floor apartments at a height of +1.00 m above ground level.

Three storeys partially overhang the ground floor, as far as to the boundary of the investor’s plot of land. The two terraces are in the roofline of the neighbouring buildings and are offset from the façade line.

Above the 2nd terrace level, the roof wreath of which is set back inwards from the edge of the street façade, there are roof exits and sheltered green roof terraces.

The architectural design follows the concept of a block building design, emphasising in particular the horizontal breakdown of the building mass.

The finishing of the façade openings follows the principle of layering of building masses. The main body, which is most prominent at the corner of Frankopanska Street and Medvedova Street, is clad with natural stone. The façades of the duplexes on the terrace levels are partly clad with natural stone, bearing in mind their prominent position.

The load-bearing structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete. The infills are made of aerated concrete, whereas all internal walls and claddings are made of plasterboard. The façade is combined, i.e. contact façade in white and ventilated façade in natural stone. All the floors of the common areas are covered with natural stone. The floors in the apartments are covered with two-layer finished parquet, while the bathrooms and toilets are finished with granitogres tiles.

Investor: K Tivoli, d.o.o.

Location: Frankopanska Street, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Scope of work: construction and related craft works, electrical and mechanical installations, exterior landscaping

Year: 2016 – 2018