The Masarykova Residence project comprises the construction of a commercial and residential building on Masarykova Road, opposite the Central Railway Station in Ljubljana. The area borders to the north on Masarykova Road and to the south on a public road between the existing blocks of flats. It borders to the west on Tomanov Park and to the east on Kotnikova Street.
The site is particularly challenging in terms of its spatial embeddedness. The plot of land is fully utilised, which poses a challenge as to how the building will interact with the existing built-up area. It consists of two underground levels with parking places and the associated residential accommodation area. The ground and mezzanine floors provide for commercial & business areas, including a Lidl store. The five storeys and the terrace provide for dwelling spaces. In total, there are 81 apartments in the building, ranging in size from 30 m2 to 149 m2. The total net floor area is 14,500 m2. All storey apartments are equipped with lodges along the façade of the building, which take the form of glazing along the north, east and west façades in order to improve the sound insulation and ensure that surrounding noise does not exceed the permissible levels in the apartment. The south side has larger lodges, unglazed and also with the function of shading the façade during the summer.

The building is designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The vertical structure is made up of walls and piers, while the horizontal structure is made up of slabs, beams and wall beams. The foundations are made of 80cm thick reinforced concrete slabs, with reinforcements at the points of higher vertical loads. The construction pit is protected by a jet grouting wall. The façade of the building will be combined, ventilated through concrete cladding on the ground floor, and made of glass and contact thin-film on the storeys above. The flat roofs are partly greened, and a small playground is envisaged on the roof above the store. The interior walls are made of plasterboard. The flooring in the corridors is paved in natural stone, and the apartments are clad with finished parquet. Bathrooms and toilets are finished in granitogres tiles. The apartments are connected to the hot water pipeline and are heated by underfloor heating and ventilated by forced ventilation via a heat recovery ventilation system.

Investor: Masarykova rezidenca, družba za investicije v nepremičnine, d.o.o.

Location: Masarykova road, Ljubljana

Scope of work: construction and related craft works, electrical and mechanical installations, exterior landscaping

Year: 2020 – 2022