In September 2012, we completed the construction of Phase 2 of an automated high-bay warehouse in Dubai, i.e. for the world’s most prestigious duty free – Dubai Duty Free. The warehouse consists of a pallet section with storage for 12,500 pallets and 17,200 cratestotes.
The project was carried out together with ALS Logistic Solutions LLC in Dubai.

Our equipment was manufactured at three locations:

  • Gorenje Gaio, d.o.o. in Šoštanj – mechanical and electrical fabrication of 11 pallet cranes rack elevators (17 metres high) with associated corridor equipment, and over 260 transporters (chain, roller, vertical);
  • in Austria – storage and commissioning systems for cratestotes;
  • in Germany – rack structure.

We shipped 44 containers of equipment from Šoštanj, 18 containers from Austria and 40 containers from Germany, which is a total of 102 containers, or around 1,300 tonnes of material, delivered by ship to Dubai. After the installation of the equipment, what followed was the commissioning, testing, operation of the new piece of equipment with own control system and integration into the end customer’s existing business system. Partners Gorenje GAIO, d.o.o., Iskra Impuls, d.o.o., APS, d.o.o., Evo – Teh, d.o.o., Knapp A.G. and SSI Schaeffer A.G. also participated in the project.

Investor: ALS Logistic Soultions LLC

Location: Dubai, UAE

Scope of work: construction, technological equipment

Year: 2011 – 2012